Enderby Businesses Save Money Under New Official Community Plan

It did not take local business long to start saving time and money as a result of Enderby’s new Official Community Plan, which was adopted by Enderby City Council on September 2, 2014.

By finding ways to reduce red tape, the new Official Community Plan streamlines regulations and makes it easier to do business in Enderby. One of the most important ways in which the Official Community Plan reduces red tape is by removing Development Permit Areas for commercial and industrial development. This initiative came from a broad set of community recommendations arising from the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan process that the City of Enderby completed in 2013.

“Following the adoption of the Official Community Plan, we had a business owner come in looking to expand his business,” said Kurt Inglis, Planning Assistant. “As a result of eliminating the Development Permit Area, he saved four to six weeks in time, $330 in application fees, and hundreds of dollars related to the development of site, landscape, and design plans.”

The actual content of the Development Permit Areas remains in place, but it has been reassigned to other guidelines or bylaws that offer a more efficient regulatory context. By matching the end objective to the most efficient process, regulatory requirements continue to serve their purpose, but within a streamlined environment that encourages business investment and new development.

“Streamlined regulation, coupled with our case managed approach to development, will help to support business expansion within our community while working to attract new business,” explains Mayor Howie Cyr. “I am thrilled to see the extensive public input from the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan result in tangible benefits for our community.”

“By aligning our Official Community Plan with the outcomes of the ICSP process, we are ensuring that the values and priorities of Enderby residents are directly embedded within our policy framework,” notes Mayor Cyr.