Bylaw Compliance

If your bylaw compliance concern involves a neighbour, you are encouraged to start by talking with your neighbour. Try to reach a resolution or compromise without the involvement of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Many problems can be resolved earlier and with less stress when neighbours work together cooperatively. If you do not feel comfortable talking with your neighbour first, or you have attempted to do so without resolving the problem, please contact City Hall to discuss whether Bylaw Enforcement can help.

All complainants will be kept anonymous unless court action is required or an order is made pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act.

Bylaw Enforcement (except dogs)

Bylaw enforcement priorities include unsightly premises, unlawful burning, and related matters.

To make a request for bylaw enforcement within the City of Enderby, you can either complete our contact form, email or drop by City Hall to complete a Public Request form. Please make sure that you list as much information as possible so that we can evaluate your request and determine how best to help you.

Depending on the complexity of your inquiry and availability of resources for enforcement, it could take several weeks to complete the initial investigation. It is important that investigations are thorough so that both parties to the complaint are treated fairly. The City has sole discretion in determining what enforcement action to take.

Dog Control

The City of Enderby administers dog control services within Enderby and the specified area of Area F. If you live in Area F, view the map to find out if you are in the specified area.

Dog licenses may be purchased at Enderby City Hall or directly from a Dog Control Officer. All dogs over the age of 6 months or residing in Enderby or the specified area of Area F for more than 30 days must be licensed. It’s not only the law – a dog license helps us to reunite dogs with their owners quickly so that owners can avoid paying impound fees.

In addition to purchasing a license, dog owners are responsible for controlling their dogs. This means making sure that it is under the control of the owner or other responsible person when off of the owner’s property, not unlawfully at large, not barking excessively, or chasing/attacking other animals or persons. These infractions could result in a ticket or, in the event of an attack, a dangerous dog designation or other enforcement action.

Please call 250-838-0233 or email for further information.

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