Public Works

The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s roads and drainage system, as well as operating the water and wastewater utilities.

Drinking Water

The City of Enderby drinking water system relies upon a surface water intake (primary source) and a well (secondary source), which supplies Enderby as well as limited customers in Area F and Splatsin lands. Drinking water is subject to a multi-barrier treatment process in order to ensure its safety in accordance with Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. The City has adopted a water conservation plan which includes universal water metering in order to reduce consumption, promote equity among customers, and delay or eliminate certain capital upgrades.


The City of Enderby has a wastewater reclamation facility that receives waste from the sanitary sewer system. This waste is treated and split into three substances: waste that is hauled to landfill, waste compost that is used for agricultural purposes, and water that is suitable for discharge to the receiving environment. Waste compost is regulated under the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation and water discharged to the receiving environment is subject to a permit issued by the Ministry of Environment.

Snow and Ice Removal

In the event of a snowstorm with a minimum accumulation of between 3-5 centimeters of snow or in extreme slippery conditions, sanding and snowplowing operations shall be conducted according to the following priorities. The priorities reflect public safety considerations.

First Priority
Second Priority
Third Priority
Driveway Entrances

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