Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) Overview

Through 2012/2013, the City of Enderby undertook an Integrated Community Sustainability Planning (ICSP) process to develop a framework for sustainability which integrates the environmental, social, and economic values of the community with existing City of Enderby commitments. Phase 1 of the process involved a significant public engagement process which identified:

  1. The current reality of sustainability within Enderby
  2. A desired future for the community
  3. Solutions for how to progress the community towards its desired future

Phase 2 of the ICSP process involves:

  1. Implementing the solutions which will make the community’s desired future a reality
  2. Integrating the outcomes of Phase I into the City’s policy and regulatory framework
  3. Monitoring the implementation process through Indicators which will allow the community to measure its progress towards a desired future

Please download and read our ICSP to find out more about how we will be working to achieve a sustainable Enderby!