City of Enderby Mayor Howie Cyr

Mayor Cyr Provides Update on Fall Projects and Events

Well, now that the rush of the summer is over and our thoughts turn to cleaning up our gardens and putting away the summer clothes, I thought it timely to send you an update on activities around the City. Although our meetings were halved during July and August, we nonetheless were busy carrying on the business of the City.

Now that we have had the digital sign installed and a policy adopted which will guide its use, it’s time to put it to work. I really do believe this sign will be very beneficial to our community as we advertise community activities for all to see. This sign has various functions, such as colour and graphics, and think it will prove a very good investment.

Unfortunately for us, that wonderful mule deer statue has been sold and moved to its new location. I am very pleased that its creator has found a sale for it, while at the same time hopeful he will introduce another of his marvelous creations for display.

Work on Mill Ave. continues and, once completed, it will be another excellent addition to our ever-improving infrastructure. These are the types of projects we need to continue each and every year, if we are going to combat the infrastructure deficit that communities across the land are experiencing. We are told, however, that our community is well ahead of most others in dealing with this issue.

Most of Council and I are off to the UBCM convention this month and we will have a chance to be informed of a vast array of issues which member municipalities are concerned with, how they are dealing with them, and how the government is assisting. I always find many of the problems they are having are similar to ours, so it’s an excellent learning experience.

At UBCM, we will be meeting with the Minister of Health, where we will express our concern about the physician shortage and press for assistance in getting Phase 2 funded at Enderby Memorial Terrace. On that note, we have been very successful in acquiring another physician as the result of communication with both the Ministry and Interior Health. Dr. Rebecca Anwar has opened her practise at the Enderby Health Centre and is accepting patients. She will be residing in Enderby and I will be meeting with her soon in order to welcome her to our community. This is wonderful news, but we will continue to try and enhance the level of health care for our community.

Also at UBCM, we will be meeting with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to achieve an understanding of what the government’s plan is for the arterial highway in future years, including how they see the CP Rail corridor playing a role, if at all. All in all, we shall be busy.

I guess that’s about it for now, but I welcome the opportunity to try and keep you abreast of our activities. In closing, I hope you all have a wonderful Fall season, as you watch those leaves turn their brilliant colours.

Best Regards,