Recommended Colours for Businesses on Cliff Avenue

Wow! People are getting excited about what is coming next with the Cliff Avenue renewal, including the adjacent businesses. We have had more than a few inquiries from businesses about colour schemes that they could apply to their exteriors to join in on the beautification. So we talked with the architects who designed the streetscape, and they came up with a great palette and application that the City is recommending.

Download the Cliff Avenue Business Colour Scheme.

Key things to keep in mind:

  • The street will have a modern design that uses a cool colour palette. You can compliment this by choosing a warm colour palette.
  • Create a high contrast by choosing a dark main theme and light accents/trim, or vice versa.
  • Avoid painting over brick or wood – these have a lot of value already! The paint colours are designed to enhance these materials. Use other techniques to revitalize brick or wood.
  • Emphasize the most distinctive architectural features of your building.
  • Fun colours will allow your building to “pop out” from the concrete sidewalk and make your building a one-of-a-kind – variety creates a unique sense of place that pedestrians will remember.