Enderby Mayor and Council

New Mayor and Council Sworn In

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on December 1, 2014, Mayor McCune and Councillors Baird, Case, Davyduke, Knust, Schreiner, and Shishido were sworn in for the 2014-18 term. The swearing-in ceremony involves Mayor and Council swearing an oath, which is administered by the Corporate Officer for the City of Enderby. Once the oath was sworn, Mayor and Council officially took office.

Have you ever wondered what oath Mayor and Council swear? It is actually prescribed by Regulation. Here is the generic text of the oath, which is adapted for each member:

I, [name of person elected], do [swear or solemnly affirm] that:

  • I am qualified to hold the office of [Mayor or Councillor] for the City of Enderby to which I have been elected;
  • I have not, by myself or any other person, knowingly contravened the Local Government Act respecting vote buying or intimidation in relation to my election to the office;
  • I will faithfully perform the duties of my office, and will not allow any private interest to influence my conduct in public matters;
  • as required by the Community Charter, I will disclose any direct or indirect pecuniary interest I have in a matter and will not participate in the discussion of the matter and will not vote in respect of the matter.
Local Government Elections Regulation, section 1(1)

At the inaugural Council meeting for the new term, Mayor and Council made a variety of appointments, including for Regional District Municipal Director and Alternate, Enderby & District Services Commission members, Okanagan Regional Library Board Member and Alternate, Enderby & District Heritage Commission, Enderby-Splatsin Joint Committee members, Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce liaison, and Enderby & District Arts Council liaison.

Also at the inaugural Council meeting, the dates for regular Council meetings were ratified and a schedule of Acting Mayors for the rest of 2014 through the end of the term was approved.