How Does Enderby Drinking Water Measure Up to Provincial Objectives?

In 2012, the BC Ministry of Health established drinking water criteria for surface water sources. The criteria were established under the Drinking Water Protection Act.

In 2014, Interior Health assessed the 84 large surface water treatment plants in its region. Of the 84 assessed, only 24 plants met or exceeded Provincial criteria. Interior Health noted that a number of systems are making progress on achieving these objectives.

However, Enderby is already there! The City of Enderby Water Treatment Plant was able to achieve all criteria set by the Ministry of Health due to its multi-barrier approach to treatment.

Ministry of Health Drinking Water Criteria

The following criteria for treatment of surface water are achieved by the City of Enderby Water Treatment Plant:

  • Adequate inactivation or removal of viruses
  • Adequate inactivation or removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Two forms of treatment
  • Filtration that can achieve credits for pathogen removal

Enderby Drinking Water Protection

So how does the City of Enderby treat our drinking water? It is a multi-barrier process that provides several layers of protection.

  • Chlorination
  • Ultraviolet
  • Rapid sand filtration

Enderby is proud to be counted among those 24 large water providers in the Interior Health Region that meets the Ministry’s surface water treatment objectives.

Of the 84 treatment plants assessed, 24 already demonstrate that their treatment achieves or exceeds provincial objectives. There are a number of systems well on their way to meeting these objectives, and some that have considerable work to do to achieve the objectives. Of the 60 systems currently not meeting the objectives, 51 rely on a single form of disinfection. These results have reaffirmed our commitment to continue working with water suppliers to develop plans to improve infrastructure and ensure clean, safe, and reliable tap water for their communities.Interior Health