Residential Spring Pruning Curbside Pick-Up for 2017

Curbside pick-up of residential spring pruning and bagged organics will occur starting Sunday, April 23, 2017. All bags and pruning bundles should be left at curbside by the end of the day on Saturday, April 22, 2017. The Enderby & District Volunteer Fire Department Association will be doing the pick-up.

Instructions on Preparing Materials

Leaves, Grass, Garden Refuse

  • Clear or translucent bags only
  • No loose materials
  • 50 pound maximum per bag


  • No more than 4” diameter and 6’ long
  • Must be bundled with string or compostable twine
  • No roots or dirt
  • Stacked separately from thorns and clear bags
  • 50 pound maximum per bundle

Materials which are not prepared properly will not be picked up.

This program is intended to deal with pruning that typically occurs from one spring to the next. It is not intended to address large volumes of pruning associated with landscaping or properties that have not been tended for a number of years.

Did you know that yard and garden waste may be dropped off year-round at one of RDNO’s Recycling and Disposal Facilities.