Pre-Qualification for Parks and Recreation Design and Engineering Services

This Request for Pre-Qualification identifies a potential opportunity for the successful Proponents to enter into standing offer agreements to provide engineering and landscape design services related to parks and recreation within the City of Enderby (“the City”) and Area F of the Regional District of the North Okanagan for properties that are under the administration of the Enderby/Area F Joint Services Commission (“the Commission”). Such standing offers shall be made upon request of the City, which administers the Commission.

The City anticipates the need for professional engineering and design services related to parks and recreation, which may include:

  • Park and public green/open space design, including stakeholder consultation and layout sketches
  • Recreational river access design, including qualified environmental professional services and permit administration
  • Surveying
  • Miscellaneous field services, project inspection, quantity tracking and reporting, design, permit management with relevant environmental agencies, and as-built drawing preparation

As specific requirements are not fully known at this time, the City wishes to enter into standing offer agreements for 2014-16 services with a limited number of Proponents that have the interest, capabilities, and experience to provide such services.

This would allow the City to provide call-up list for required services, as and when the needs arise, in the form of a Request for Services to the successful Proponents. The City invites submissions from engineers and landscape architects with a minimum of three years of related experience to be included on a prequalified list. Preference will be given to Proponents who can seamlessly provide multiple services (e.g. design, engineering, and environmental) due to internal capabilities or external partnerships.

Submissions will be received at the City of Enderby, 619 Cliff Avenue, P.O. Box 400, Enderby, BC V0E 1V0 until 4pm on May 9, 2014.

The City of Enderby reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to pre-quality a limited number or to prequalify none of the Proponents. Although the City of Enderby may pre-qualify Proponents at this time, applications will be accepted at any given time and new Proponents may be added to the City’s prequalification list at any time. Proponents may also be removed from the pre-qualification list at any time, at the City’s sole discretion. In no way does an application to or inclusion on the pre-qualification list create any obligation whatsoever between the Proponent and the City, including but not limited to an obligation to future work or particular form of consideration or preference. The intent of the prequalification list is solely to provide the City of Enderby with a list of qualified Proponents and unit rates so that it may evaluate and, when necessary, call upon suitable candidates for parks and recreation engineering and design services.


The Proponent must:

  • Describe a minimum of 3 years experience in a relevant field, including a description of recent works and references.
  • Provide the following mandatory documentation:
    • $2M Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
    • WorkSafeBC Clearance Letter
    • City of Enderby or inter-municipal business licence number (or a commitment to obtain City of Enderby business license if selected to perform works)
    • $500,000.00 Professional Errors and Omissions insurance
  • Provide contact names, telephone numbers, and email addresses for senior personnel.
  • Provide list of personnel likely to participate in future works, and indicate years of experience and certification/training.
  • Indicate rates for each labour unit likely to participate in future works based on the scope of this
  • Request, mileage rate, travel costs to a job site in Enderby, and other charges.
  • Describe any other matters that may be relevant to the City considering a candidate most suitable for calling up.

Submissions should be made in writing.