City of Enderby Mayor Howie Cyr

Mayor Cyr’s Christmas 2013 Message

It’s hard to believe 2013 is nearing a close, but given the hectic pace of these many months, time has simply slipped away. Many good things have been accomplished in our little city, testament to the harmony that exists within. We have an excellent City team and an abundance of – something we can be very proud of.  Despite the many successes we have enjoyed, there is still work to be done in 2014 and beyond because a healthy sustainable community just doesn’t happen overnight.

But for now, as we approach Christmas, we think of our family, friends and neighbours, wishing for them peace, health and happiness for now and always. Therefore, as your Mayor, from our house to yours, we wish you all the very best Christmas has to offer.  Once again in 2014, we will collectively roll up our sleeves and get to work.