Fire Department Pre-Incident Plans

The Enderby & District Volunteer Fire Department requires that all complex buildings (e.g. commercial, industrial, institutional, and apartments) must now have a pre-incident plan in place. This requirement is designed to ensure that our first responders are capable of performing internal fire suppression activities safely and effectively.

If you have not submitted a pre-incident plan, please download the form and complete it at your earliest convenience and return it to City Hall.  Each submitted form will be reviewed by our Fire Chief, who will contact you if he has questions or needs further information.

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After June 30, 2016, the Fire Department will only provide internal fire suppression services to simple buildings (such as single-family residences) and those complex buildings for which a pre-incident plan has been accepted. If you own a complex building for which a pre-incident plan has not been accepted, fire suppression services will be limited to external attack methods after June 30, 2016.

Please keep a copy of your pre-incident plan on file and re-submit it should there be any changes to your property that would substantially affect how our firefighters would respond to an incident on your property. Also, if there are no substantial changes to your property, please email to confirm that the pre-incident plan remains current no later than every twenty-fourth (24th) month.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your participation will help ensure that the Enderby & District Volunteer Fire Department is able to respond in a safe and effective manner, should it ever be called upon to protect you and your property.