Enderby Disposes of Sandbags

The levels of the Shuswap River have subsided and the City of Enderby is shifting gears from emergency response to the recovery phase.

A contractor will be picking up used sandbags from City of Enderby residences in order to dispose of them at the landfill. City of Enderby residents are asked to place any sandbags they would like disposed at the end of their driveway by 8:00 am on Friday June 30th, and contact City Hall by 4:30 pm on Wednesday June 28th to register their property to be included on the pick-up route. There is no charge for this pick-up service.

Alternatively, residents can dispose of sandbags by transporting them to a Regional District of North Okanagan Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF), where loads of sandbags and/or sand will be accepted free of charge as long as they are not mixed with any other substance, garbage or recycling materials. Customers delivering sandbags to the Greater Vernon, Armstrong/Spallumcheen or Lumby RDFs are required to place the bags and/or sand in designated locations at each of the sites. Burlap sandbags and plastic sandbags will be stockpiled separately. Sandbags may be disposed of at no charge; however, customers must report to the scale prior to disposing of the sandbags. For more information, please visit the RDNO website at

Sandbags may be contaminated as a result of contact with flood waters, which may contain microbes associated with natural processes or agricultural and residential activities that are normally contained on site. Residents are encouraged to wear gloves and proper footwear when handling sandbags. After handling, residents should thoroughly wash their hands and other exposed body parts with soap and water and launder their clothing. If sandbags have been exposed to sewage, or if they have been exposed to oils, hydrocarbons, or other hazardous substances in amounts that can be seen or otherwise easily detected, they should be considered as contaminated and reported by phone as a possible Dangerous Goods Incident to 1-800-663-3456. In accordance with the Water Sustainability Act, sand from sandbags must not be placed directly into, or adjacent to, streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, springs, ravines, gulches, wetlands or glaciers (whether or not they contain water or ice).

To register your property to be included on the sandbag pick-up route, please call 250-838-7230 or email, no later than 4:30 pm on Wednesday June 28th.