Enderby Arena Delays Opening

The Enderby Memorial Arena and Curling Rink will be delayed in opening for the ice season due to a problem with its chiller.

When the chiller was being prepared for start-up earlier in the week, it was discovered that ammonia had leaked into the brine. The chiller is a long tube that encases a series of smaller tubes which circulates the brine and ammonia. The superchilled brine is what cools the floor of the arena and curling rink so that water can be frozen for the ice-making process.

As a next step, the brine and ammonia will be isolated and drained from the chiller. At that point, the circulation tubes can be analyzed. Depending on the nature of the solution, the potential delay in opening could range from 4 to 15 weeks.

Further information about the delayed opening will be made available as soon as known.