Council Adopts 2015 Water Meter Rates Bylaw

At the November 17, 2014 Council meeting, Council adopted the Fees and Charges Bylaw Amendment for the metered water rates that will be applicable beginning in 2015. The new rates are comprised of a flat rate fee plus a consumption rate of $1.30 / m³ for consumption above a specified amount.

 Flat Rate / PeriodConsumption Rate / Period
Single Family Residential
Jan-Apr / Sep-Dec$78.00$1.30 / m³ over 45 m³ to 225* m³
May-Aug$78.00$1.30 / m³ over 90 m³ to 450* m³
Single Family Residential with Legalized Suite
Jan-Apr / Sep-Dec$108.35$1.30 / m³ over 70 m³ to 312* m³
May-Aug$108.35$1.30 / m³ over 110 m³ to 625* m³
Multi Family / Strata Residential
Jan-Apr / Sep-Dec$62.85$1.30 / m³ over 35 m³ to 180* m³
May-Aug$62.85$1.30 / m³ over 75 m³ to 360* m³
Business / Industrial
Each period$32.95$1.30 / m³ over 24 m³ to 60* m³
 $0.50 / m³ over 60 m³
Business / Industrial with Residential
Each period$49.25$1.30 / m³ over 35 m³ to 60* m³
 $0.50 / m³ over 60 m³

For a single family home, the flat rate fee totals $234 for the whole year, which is lower than the 2014 flat rate of $242.20.

The consumption rate is designed to cover the decrease in the flat rate plus a 2% budget increase included in the current Financial Plan. If consumption turns out to be more than expected, any additional revenue will be returned to customers in the form of a rebate to the flat rate in 2016.

For more information please contact staff by email or telephone (250-838-7230) or come in and see us at City Hall.