Cliff Avenue Construction Schedule

Are you wondering what is up next for the Cliff Avenue reconstruction in Enderby? Here is the construction schedule!

Note: activities and dates subject to change without notice.

Week of…Description of ActivityProgress
Phase 1 (George Street to Vernon Street)
April 4Mobilization, tree clearing, asphalt milling, start laying water main
 April 18Finish laying water main, including disinfection, testing, and tie-ins
April 25Start laying storm main
May 2Finish laying storm main and install catch basins
May 9Dig out for subgrade and place gravel
May 16Prepare and pour curbs
May 24Start digging in growing materials and root barriers for trees
May 30Continue to dig in root barriers and irrigation, start preparing sidewalk
June 6Prepare and pour sidewalk
June 13Complete sidewalk and Paving Preparation
June 20Paving, Landscaping, Install furniture, pour concrete plaza
June 27Complete landscape planting, install street furniture and garbage receptacles, activate irrigation, open street to vehicles
July 4-15Install light standards and gateway piers
Phase 2 (Vernon Street to Bawtree Bridge)
September 6Mobilization, asphalt milling, sanitary sewer main
September 12Finish sanitary sewer main and tie-in
September 19Start water main
September 26Finish laying water main, including disinfection and testing.
October 3Water tie-ins, install storm main and catch basins
October 11Finish storm sewer, start dig out for subgrade and place gravel
October 17Continue digging for subgrade and placing gravel, prep for curbs
October 24Install curbs and prep for paving
October 31Paving
November 7-end of projectSidewalks, landscaping and street lights