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City of Enderby Prepares 2014 Budget for Adoption

After completing its public consultation on April 7, the City of Enderby is preparing its 2014 budget bylaws for three readings and then adoption. The combined increase to taxation and user fees is currently 3.85%, which is the equivalent of a $68.44 increase for the average residential property.  Staff anticipate a reduction to the tax rate as a result of the introduction of the Multi-Materials BC recycling program, which will be incorporated into the budget bylaws.

Budget Highlights

  • Funding for reconstruction of Mill Avenue between Maud Street and George Street.
  • Funding for reconstruction of Belvedere Street between Cliff Avenue and Mill Avenue.
  • Continued contributions to capital reserves to fund infrastructure renewal and position the City to apply for senior government grants.
  • Support for the Art Gallery, new youth programs, and the Girl Guides Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous Event.
  • Purchase of water tender truck for Fire Department (ordered in 2013).
  • Support for completing the Official Community Plan revision based on the recommendations of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (grant funded).
  • Support for revising zoning, subdivision servicing, development cost charges, and land use procedures to support sustainable standards, smart growth principles, and development efficiency (grant funded).
  • Funding for next phase of storm water upgrades to reduce flooding.
  • Contribution towards replacement of Fire Department breathing apparatus in 2015.
  • Support for digital billboard to promote community events to highway traffic.
  • Ongoing support for community revitalization initiatives.
  • Completion of conceptual design for Barnes Park with renewed spray park.
  • New trees in Riverside Park north of the Arena.
  • Grant application to continue Community-to-Community forums with Splatsin.
  • Grant application to celebrate Drinking Water Week in Enderby.
  • Grant application to implement the next stage of the City’s active transportation strategy.