City of Enderby Issues Temporary Restriction on Irrigation

Update: Temporary irrigation restriction has ended.

Due to a pump failure at one of its water sources, the City of Enderby is requiring its water customers to avoid irrigating on the evening of August 24 and the morning of August 25.

The irrigation restriction applies to all properties, including those which are allowed to irrigate during this time under the normal watering restrictions. Hand watering of gardens, plants, and flowers is permitted during this time, as will other normal domestic, business and institutional uses.

The peak hourly demand on the City’s water system occurs from 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm when irrigation is permitted. Due to the pump failure, the City is down to a single source which is not sufficient to keep up with peak hourly demand at this time of year. It is anticipated that the pump will be repaired by the afternoon of August 25. By restricting irrigation, the water production rate should be sufficient to keep up with the demand rate, and will ensure that there is water for essential needs and fire flows.

The City will provide additional notice if the restriction needs to be extended further. There are no anticipated changes in the quality of water as a result of the repair works.

The City thanks residents and businesses for their cooperation.