Buoy oh Buoy

The City of Enderby has a new drinking water buoy, which marks the approximate spot of our intake on the Shuswap River.

You may have noticed our old yellow buoy (aka. Old Yeller) looking a little ragged lately. Partially submerged, waterlogged, and scraped, Old Yeller bravely withstood the annual onslaught of trunks, roots, and branches associated with spring run-off for years – with the wear and tear to prove it! A retirement plan was not only needed, but deserved. However, Old Yeller had different ideas…

Early in the morning on the very day that the City of Enderby Public Works Department had coordinated a dive team to replace Old Yeller, the anchor chain snapped due to pressure from a submerged tree root ball that became entangled during the spring freshet. Refusing to go gently into that good night, Old Yeller broke free for a last journey down the Shuswap River.

The last reported sighting of Old Yeller was near Regency on the River. It may be vacationing in Grindrod or Mara by now! If you happen to see Old Yeller, be sure to snap a picture and email it to info@cityofenderby.com along with the approximate location. Bonus points if you tweet it to @OurEnderby with the hashtag #oldyeller.

The replacement buoy (pictured below) stands out of the water to a greater extent and has “drinking water intake” markings on it. This buoy signals approximately where our drinking water intake is located. Please ensure that you steer clear of it to protect our drinking water infrastructure and avoid doing damage to your vessel.

Some photography courtesy of Pat Weston.